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I have been treated by Tina for Health Kinesiology since I was around 13 years old - nearly 13 years ago to date.

When I was 11, my parents discovered Kinesiology as a last resort after trying to treat my M.E for a number of years. At this time, ME was little known but after convincing the medical world to take me seriously, I had previously tried medication and cognitive behavioural therapy. When this didn't work, Doctors had no options but to tell me to "live with it for the rest of my life". I had been ill for many years, I was bed bound and unable to go to school. A simple cold would knock me out completely for 6 months, leaving me without even the energy to wash or feed myself. I narrowly missed being taken to hospital to be fed on a drip. However, after being treated by Tina, my story improves...

After just one treatment, I felt energy, albeit brief but I had energy for a short while. After a couple of months of treatment, these energetic moments (ranging from getting out of bed, walking without assistance etc) got longer and the gaps in between shortened. It took time but I got better and at the age of 14, I went back to school!

I can't express how much Kinesiology has helped me, not just with ME but throughout my life since. Over the years, it has helped me with a range of issues: work stress; chronic chest infections; headaches; tiredness, digestive problems and has relieved aches and pains in my first pregnancy. My first baby is due in March and I am going to use Kinesiology to help me get into the right frame of mind for birth too.

As hard as it is to describe the treatment, it is essentially gentle muscle testing to delve into the body's knowledge to find the answers to problems. It is truly astounding. I am now training at Positive Living to be a Touch for Health Kinesiologist myself and I hope to be qualified in 2017. The training I have received so far has been professional, knowledgeable and so enjoyable - I can't recommend it enough.

And I will never be able to thank Tina enough for helping me time and time again. I'm glad our paths crossed many years ago.

Jade P




Tina Pascal Wonder Woman
For the past year I have had extreme stress,anger, fear , & loss of self esteem,
almost feeling as though I was on the edge of a break down.
After one treatment my whole being felt AT EASE .
Working through various levels, physical, emotional, mental, & spiritual, I finally started to feel free.
A truly wonderful experience.
I shall continue to go regularly.



A few weeks ago I had a very bad bout of back pain and was hardly able to move, incapable of leaving the house. In desperation, I called Tina. She came along and did some testing and some weird moves/touches and immediately I experienced less back pain. One session of Kinesiology made a remarkable difference! I can only recommend Tina!

Relaxing for the body and the mind, what more could you possibly ask for? I have been having massages from Tina on and off for 15 years as she really helps me with the recurring neck and lower back problems (I work on a computer all day....).