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Using individually chosen essential oils with a slow relaxing massage. 90 minutes includes face & scalp

90 mins 45.00 45 mins 32.00

Crystal and Reiki Healing

The ancient art of using crystals with Reiki to promote well-being

60 mins 35.00

Hopi Candles

The Native American art of using Hopi Ear Candles to benefit well being and promote relaxation, includes facial massage 45-60 mins 35.00

Indian Head Massage

Head, neck & shoulder massage, seated & clothed 45 mins 25.00

Swedish Massage

75 mins 40.00 45 mins 30.00

Deep Tissue Massage

A deeper massage with manual manipulation of muscle tissue

60 mins 45.00 45 mins 38.00

Health Kinesiology & Touch for Health

Using muscle testing to identify imbalance and make the changes needed to rebalance your energy system, both physical and emotional. Gentle therapies, suitable for all ages, discounts available for children 60 - 75 mins 45.00


Massage of the reflex areas of the feet, harmonises vitality, relaxing both feet and body

60 mins 35.00