The Positive Living Company

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The Positive Living Company offers a range of presentations and therapies to help employers enable their staff to recognise and find ways of dealing with stress in the workplace

The Health and Safety Executive report an estimated thirteen and a half million days are lost due to stress. Workplace therapies offered by Positive Living Company can be paid for either by the workplace or employees themselves who access the therapies in their working hours.

This ‘time out’ period, being the employer’s contribution to offering stress relieving options for each employee, can help prevent absenteeism and periods of long term sickness.

Presentations of between one to three hours and one to one stress busting treatments of Seated Massage, Reflexology and Indian Head Massage; enable staff to have stress solutions at their fingertips plus some longer-term ideas for helping themselves stay fit and healthy.

With over 15 years of experience in the workplace, Positive Living Company has offered presentations, one day workshops and stress relieving treatments in schools and offices in the Bath and Bristol area.